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The first Panel dealt with the “contact customization: how to use the Big Date to give experience to the consumer,” with participation of the Manager and CRM products of the Multiplus, Gustavo Antunes Aguilar, and the business unit Director of the Serasa Experian marketing services, Fernando Rosolem. The debate was moderated by senior institutional marketing, Latam and wholesale of Itaú and branding Committee, contents & Thiago Silva.

“If you don’t have good analysis of the information of the behaviors and habits of consumption, you lose opportunities to know what the customer search and thus direct the strategies of their brand,” said Aguilar.

The international attraction of the meeting was the head of Latin America media of Dunnhumby, Luc Osborne. He talked about “Brand Advocacy: when the consumer turns disclosure channel”, highlighting the BzzAgent’s work exploring the role of influencer strategy. The Panel was moderated by the Project Director of the Hiller Consulting, mark Hiller.

“The traditional model of advertising is being challenged and threatened. There is a level of skepticism about the brand, only 19% of people rely on posts of the brands on social networks, “said Luc. “People believe in people. There are three types of influencers: celebrities, influencers of influencers and category buy followers on instagram, these are the most authentic. The influencer, are people who are using products and are not paid to give opinion, they received sample and will share their opinion and they can say they don’t like “, justified.

In the third panel, the topic “Fragmentation of audience and consumer empowerment: challenges of managing brands in volatile times” was discussed in view of the chief marketing officer of Johnson Johnson, José & Cyril, and the chief marketing officer of McDonald’s ´, John White. The moment was mediated by the VP of integration of DM9DDB, Igor Puga.

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“The setting is the way you communicate with the consumer. The consumer is dispersed. You have to pass your message in six seconds, “said Kirill. White defined marketing as the art of creating desire. “All the Mc Donald s ´ does is indulgent, fun and accessible buy cheap instagram followers. This does not prevent us from talking about sustainability and responsibility, but to talk about the products it takes intersection with sheds, “he pointed out.

Rebranding in the financial sector was the subject of the fourth panel, with the participation of the innovation area of Bradesco, Renata Petrovic, telling about how HSBC brand is being incorporated by Bradesco. Then, the marketing director of Santander, Paula Nader, defined as the main legacy of the Banco Real people. “Bank’s service, provided by people, even being digital, behind there is a human being,” said Paula.

The proposal of the fifth Panel was discussing “content Marketing as a tool for branding”, featuring CEO of LiveAD, Lucas Mello, the President of the Trip, Paulo Lima, the Director of contents of the UOL, Rodrigo Flores, and CSO of DPZ&T, Fernando Diniz.

“We live in the time of great challenge for the media and advertisers. The solutions that we had didn’t work. The contents need to be true. The judge is the social network. Which puts the brand image at risk is not being truthful, honest and transparent with the consumer, “said Rodrigo Flores.

The topic “how to enjoy the best of digital to build brand” ended the event. The VP of marketing at Heineken, Daniela Cachich, told about the launch of the Amstel in Brazil. “Everything that was done was using Facebook, Instagram and mobile. Everyone who knew the product came from this partnership. This case is as real and tangible, to say it works. The advertiser needs to look at the tool and see what she has to offer to be effective “.

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